About Kookie

Hi, I am Katia, (aka Kookie).
Here is my story…

I grew up enjoying the relaxed and cosmopolitan lifestyle offered during my MBA years learning to cook from my mother and close friends.

My summer fun would take me to a professional pastry kitchen where I would be mesmerized by those stainless steel equipments and production tools. A business women by profession but passionate about cakes, I attended the Fabilo School of English Cake Decorating in Switzerland. Then got formal kitchen training at the Culinary Schools of Orange County in California.

Struggling between a career and becoming a mom, I finally gave up a career in marketing and began my journey.

Now I combine the art and business of baking.

Living in the high outskirts of Lebanon, my passion for baking continues to flourish.  I enjoy baking during those early fresh breezes and love to have access to daily organic free-range eggs. Each cookie produced is hand crafted using the finest ingredients and mouth-watering designs.  

With a great deal of passion and a sense of humor I want to transform the cookie industry into an artisanal, selective, and upscale give away sector that delivers continuously increasing artistic value to its shoppers for all occasions.


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BHV - Valentine's day - February 08, 2016

Description: Starting Thursday February 11th, 2016, FairyKookies will be part of BHV's Valentine's day event from Thursday the 11th till the 14th! See you there!