FairyKookies optimally serves the real interest of event planners, caterers & chocolate retailers through collaboration, & the execution of best practices on its cookies.

Since Its creation, FairyKookie has focused on strengthening local partnerships, enriching research and utilizing technology to better serve its clients.

Fairykookie works towards promoting and spearheading the development of the cookie industry into a full fledged retail product. We lead the industry by securing the artistic know how and by efficiently introducing new technologies and trends on our cookies.

Our Sweet Ingredients

Each hand‐made cookie is created from an original developed recipe, baked under the proprietor's watchful eyes, and artistically hand packaged. Our cookies are hand rolled and freshly baked with the finest ingredients.

They are made with real butter, organic fresh free-range eggs, natural extracts and no preservatives.  Our Icing contains Sugar and pasteurized Egg White and food colors. We use our own special blend of Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Vanilla for a perfect citrus flavor.

Our colorings are FDA approved imported from the US directly to our workshop. Each cookie design uses different food colorings therefore, each cookie may contain some of the following: E102, E104, E122, E124, E129, E133, E142, E155. The sparkles, sprinkles & shiny things contain E171.


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